Who We Are

Our Mission

At Buderer Drug, our mission is to promote better health by personalizing innovative medicines to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Individual Attention

Buderer Drug focuses exclusively on your needs and going above and beyond the pharmacy counter. We strive to always provide you with an excellent experience at our pharmacy. Our team will get to know you personally, ensuring all of your health care needs are addressed.

Best Patient Care Practices

Elevating patient care to new heights, our clinical pharmacists will explain your medication, track your progress, and follow up on your results.

Customized and Innovative Medicines

Personalizing with advanced therapies, we compound medicines free of dyes, sugars, and other potentially irritating ingredients, or unique dosage strengths and forms. Our compounding pharmacists and lab technicians will prepare an innovative medicine especially for you.

A Commitment to Your Health and Wellness

Buderer Drug is invested in you. We will work with you and your provider to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Quality and Assurance

Here at Buderer Drug, we conduct ongoing health-outcome assessments and continuous research to ensure the efficacy and safety of compounded medication.

Our History

A Legacy of Pharmacy Compounding

The legacy of our pharmacy compounding goes back many years to father and son, Jim Buderer, P.Ph. and Matt Buderer, R.Ph. Founded in 1878, the Sandusky Deutsch Apotheke practice originally was located downtown on Lake Erie. Alvin G. Buderer, R.Ph., joined the practice after graduating from Ohio State University in 1927. The name of the pharmacy changed to “Kubach and Buderer” and it remained in the downtown area for 40 more years. Jim Buderer, a 1963 Ohio State University graduate, joined his father in practice at Kubach and Buderer. At that time, more than 40% of all prescriptions written and sent to Kubach and Buderer Drug had to be compounded.
In 1973, he formed a partnership with Fisher Drug and brought his heritage of pharmacy to the corner of Hancock and East Monroe. Today, the corner of Hancock and East Monroe streets is known as Buderer Drug Company.

In 1999, the Buderer’s decided to transfer the traditional retail business to a local drug store chain, focusing solely on compounding innovative and customized medicines for its patients. Today, Buderer Drug Company has expanded to three locations in Northern Ohio – Sandusky, Perrysburg, and Avon. Jim and Matt continue their compounding pharmacy’s heritage.