Patient Consultations

Patient Consultations

At Buderer Drug we offer one-on-one consultations for Hormone Replacement Therapy and Pain Management. Please choose from one of our personalized consultations options below:

Hormone Consultation

Women and men can both experience symptoms of hormone imbalance (fatigue, weakness, reduced libido, increased weight, sleep problems, memory loss, etc.).

Customized hormone therapy is the replacement of deficient hormones with hormones that are chemically identical to those that the body naturally produces. Customized hormones have improved the quality of life for millions of women and men who suffer from hormonal imbalance. The ideal process for achieving hormonal balance includes an assessment of hormone levels and complete evaluation of signs and symptoms, followed by replacement of the deficient hormones which have declined due to aging or illness.

Every person is unique. Therefore, it is a sensible approach for health care professionals and patients to work together to customize hormone therapy. Hormones can be compounded in the needed strength and dosage form and administered via the most appropriate route to meet each individual’s needs.

To determine the condition and treatment of hormonal imbalances, we encourage you to set up a consultation with one of our team’s clinical pharmacists who specialize in personalized hormone balancing therapy. During the consultation, an assessment of health history will be reviewed along with blood or saliva lab results to check hormone levels. Upon conclusion, a personalized hormone treatment plan will be created and presented to your health care provider. Click here to learn more about starting Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Pain Consultation

Our team’s clinical pharmacists will work together with patients, physicians, and other health care team members to individualize medications for optimal pain relief. Each patient has unique needs. Our customized pain medications can be formulated in various delivery systems including creams, nasal sprays, ointments, serums, and capsules.

To determine the underlying cause of pain, we encourage you to set up a pain management consultation with one of our team’s clinical pharmacists specializing in pain management. During the consultation, assessments will take place in order to devise a customized treatment plan. Upon conclusion, the plan will be presented to your health care provider.