Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions

What is compounding?
Pharmaceutical compounding is about you. It is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. Trained pharmacists and technicians make compounded medication per a practitioner’s prescription by mixing (i.e., compounding) multiple ingredients into one formulation. The result is a personalized medication with the exact strength and dosage form required to fit a patient’s individual needs.
Is compounding medication right for me?
Your physician may have discussed compounding medication as a treatment option if you:

  • Have allergies, restrictions, unfavorable reactions, or are sensitive to ingredients in medications
  • Are prescribed a medication dosage that is not available by commercial manufacturers
  • Need a medication that has been discontinued
  • Have difficulties taking your medication
  • Prefer a different drug form (cream, lollipop, liquid, injections, etc.)
  • Require lower or higher doses of a drug
  • Are compounded prescriptions covered by insurance?
    Yes, compounded prescriptions can be covered by most insurance plans and we accept most forms, including, Medicare and Medicaid. In the event the medication is excluded from your insurance coverage, we work with patients and their providers to come up with cost-effective treatment options.
    What is Ohio’s Drug Repository Program?
    Buderer Drug Co. is a participant of Ohio’s Drug Repository Program that provides affordable medications to those in need. The program, which has no financial requirements, allows nursing homes, long term care pharmacies and wholesalers to donate unused medications for redistribution to Ohio residents. Visit our Drug Repository page to learn more about the program.
    Are compounded medications safe?
    Yes. Our top priority is ensuring the quality of each prescription. In addition to the State Board of Pharmacy and USP, Buderer Drug Co. also relies on third-party testing to verify the potency of our compounded medication and laboratory room. We are compliant with state and federal law, including the FDA, and the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, and have PCAB accredited facilities. Click here to learn more about our Quality Assurance.
    Do you offer stand-alone medication that's available at other pharmacies?
    Yes. In addition to offering customized compounded medication, we also offer select stand-alone medication from pharmaceutical manufacturers. Please contact one of our locations to learn more details.

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